Yemmi Loves Music: An Introduction to Non-Kpop Korean Music #3 Trot


Hi Guys, it's Yemmi!
Popular with the older generation, Trot is a music style uniques to Korea. Now not many people seem to, but I really quite like trot music...(please don't judge me).

I don’t really care what anyone says Korean Trot music is great. Despite it's association with older generation, many young people like it as well or at least know a couple of songs because it’s so embedded into korean culture. It does a slightly problematic origin which cause some Koreans to dislike the genre (for more about that check to this article! or if you’re extra keen you can read the book that is cited in the article  I feel that international exposure to it is reserve dot idols singing trot covers on television or releasing trot songs and dramas like 'Trot Lovers' which aired 2014 but otherwise it’s not common for people to know about it or like it. I remember when the first few episodes of Trot Lovers came out, a lot of comments where express either saying they disliked the music or it was too cheesy, too over the top etc, but by the last few episodes the comments changed to ‘it’s growing me’ showing that a little bit of exposure can go a long long way.
To prepare for this I felt I needed to be more informed so I listened to about a 100 more trot songs to see which I liked the best because I really don't know much trot. As always their will be playlist of songs to start your discovery of this genre.
This list will be a little short but I hope that it'll give you a taste of this music genre and convince you to give trot a chance~ 

(In no particular order):

  1. Hong Jin Young 홍진영 - Love battery  (She’s probably my favourite artist on the list, probably the most easy to listen to if you’re not used to trot)
  2. Tae Jin Ah 태진아
  3. Park Sang Chul 박상철
  4. Jang Yoon Jung 장윤정
  5. Pak Hyun Min 박현민
  6. Wink 윙크
  7. Park Hyun Bin.
  8. Chu Ga Yeol 추가열
  9. Aurora 
  10. Gang Heo Dalim 강허달림
  11. Lee Mi-ja 이미자
  12. Song Dae-gwan 성대관
  13. Na Hoon Ah 나훈아
  14. So Chan Whee 소찬위
  15. Im Chang Jung 임창정
  16. Yoon Tae Gyu 윤태규 
  17. Park Il Jun 박일준
  18. Han Seo Kyung 한서경 
  19. Lee Sun Hee 이선희 (may be counted more as ballad but whatevs, I like her and she’s a legend so she’s in the list)
  20. Seo Joo Kyung서주경 
  21. Park Ju Hee 박주희
  22. Lee Moon Sae 이문세
Idol trot:

  1. Super Junior T- Rokuko
  2. Daesung- Daebak
  3. Ju Hyun Mi ft Set Hyun & Davichi- Jja La Ja Jja
  4. Lizzy (After School)- Not an Easy Girl
This playlist isn't actually mine but it is what I used when I first wanted to listen to Trot so hopefully it will be useful! 

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