Etude House Play Color Eyes #Cherry Blossom Review


During the cherry blossoms season in Korea, everyone goes to see them. Groups of friends, couples, families- everyone! The most popular place and time to go is at Yeouido where there is a whole road of them for you to skip through. But many other places like Sokchon Lake in Jamsil, and Seoul Grand Park are popular too. There are festivals and of course everyone goes to take many photos with the short lived blossoms. It is common for people to go wearing pastel blues and pinks to fit the cherry blossoms aesthetic. Cherry blossoms are so popular in fact that there are even cherry blossom beauty products! Etude House is known for their annual cherry blossom lines and I decided to give one of them a try.
Here is my review of the Etude House Play Colour: Cherry Blossom Palette.

The Etude House Play Colour: Cherry Blossom Palette was released for last year’s(2017) cherry blossom season and is a palette consisting of 10 eye shadows in various pinkish hues. The shadows are a good mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shades and I think the colours are perfect for spring.

The look of the eyeshadows is quite natural, although because many of the shades are glittery I feel like you could also create a nice glam look with the palette as well. I also used some of the more shimmery shades to highlight my face and give it a nice glow.
For me, the pigmentation of eye shadows is very important and this palette delivers quite well and I would recommend it for all skin shades(although the two lightest eyeshadows may come up a bit ashy on deeper skin). 

The palette come with little sponge applicators and after testing the product with my brushes, the applicators, and my fingers, I feel like you can get the best amount of product if you use the applicators. When I used my brushes the colours were sometimes washed out and appeared less pigmented then when I used the sponges. The texture of some of the eyeshadows are not as smooth as I would hope, however overall I think the quality is excellent for the price. It also does a pretty good job of staying in place without eye primer, despite my super oily eyelids.

The average price you can buy this palette for is around £/€10-15 which, comparing it to other makeup brands, is not too expensive. This palette has become a fast favourite of mine and I use it almost everyday, I would give it a 8/10~

What do you guys think of this palette!? Is it something you'd try or miss?
Thanks for reading~

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